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We respect each other

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A Danish and international textile company

Contrast Company is one of the leading Danish companies when it comes to the designing oflicenced, non-licenced and private label textiles for the European market. Our goal is to be thepreferred business partner for the categories of clothing, accessories and home textile products

Since 1996, we at Contrast Company have wanted to create textiles with a focus on creativity and innovation.
Our goal is to always be one step ahead so that we can exceed our customers’ expectations and offer our business partners a wide range of the best high-quality products at competitive prices. At Contrast, you will find creative teams that work with highly proficient suppliers in the Far East and Europe.

We value our long-term relationships and our strongpartnerships with customers and suppliers, because we know that success is created together.

At Contrast Company, we live and act based on our GEIST values. The GEIST acronym comes from the Danish terms for our values (in parentheses), but it translates as follows: Happiness (Glæde – G),Ownership (Ejerskab – E), Innovation (Idérigdom – I), Teamwork (Samarbejde – S) and Reliability (Troværdighed – T).

With a focus on togetherness, teamwork and communication, we have created a strong foundation and our common goal is to win and succeed together – and have fun while doing so.


Contrast Company is an owner-led company headed by Jesper Hartvigsen, Torben Hartvigsen and Bo Mikkelsen. With many years of experience in the textile industry, Jesper, Torben and Bo’s ambitions have built a solid foundation and today Contrast Company can call itself an international company that is held together by a strong and value-driven company culture.

Contrast Company is part of N.O.C. Holding ApS, which owns the following companies: Contrast Company, Milestone Company, NJORDIC Company, TBJ Group and Redgreen Wholesale.

Our company is located on Rudolfgårdsvej

Contrast Company is located on Rudolfgårdsvej in Viby, Aarhus. From here, we design and develop textiles and home textile products for both children and adults. Our office is designed with a focus on creative surroundings with a touch of green, and this creates the framework for a workplace that allows for focused work, creativity, reflection and immersion and where we encourage our employees to reach for the stars.

Meet our GEIST ambassadors 

“Our values and culture make us feel like a united company”

“We really appreciate our GEIST values. They mean that we take care of and help each other. At Contrast, employees are listened to and we are good at giving everyone a say in how the culture, workflows, etc. are constructed and how they work. The management has demonstrated that they trust that we all have something to contribute. No matter who you are, your input will be listened to on its merits. This really contributes to feeling like we are a united company. We are good at visiting each other’s ‘islands’ and thereby getting a feel for how the situation looks from where our colleague is sitting. This also allows us to gain a greater understanding of what it will take to solve a task optimally. We do our best to make sure that things all come together as a whole. We have learned how important it is to see things from a different perspective to better understand the big picture and what personality profile we are each basing our actions on.”

Birgitte Henckel
Account Assistant

”At Contrast, we help each other”

”Contrast invests in its employees. We invest in ensuring that there is a good social life. It is my firm conviction that if you enjoy each other’s company, it becomes easier to work together and new heights can be achieved. I see this as an important thing to prioritise, and it shows that there is a good corporate culture. We have each other’s backs and we support each other’s initiatives. We are curious about the challenges we each face and we are always ready to help each other. Our products move through many departments and phases, and therefore we have to think about things from all angles. What we do needs to make sense and create value for the whole company. Our GEIST culture is energising, it creates joy and it reminds us to celebrate the small successes with each other.”

Mette Lildholdt Schmidt
License Product Manager

“We solve challenges as a team”

“We have a very close collaboration between our departments. Everyone has a solution-oriented approach to tasks and challenges, and we know that we depend on each other. We solve challenges as a team and we all contribute – and we also know it is important to have fun while we work. We also nurture good and long-term relationships with all of our business partners, including customers and suppliers. We are interested in ensuring that all of our partners succeed. We are curious about new colleagues and business partners so that we can better understand how to strengthen our collaboration and get better results.”

Heidi Allaart
Key Account Coordinator

Let’s win together