Our history


“When deciding on the name ‘Contrast’, it was based on our desire to be a contrast to othercompanies in the same industry that were around at the time. We wanted to show that we coulddo something different.”

Torben Hartvigsen
Founder of Contrast Company A/S


Jesper Hartvigsen becomes CEO and co-owner

In 2015, Jesper Hartvigsen – who is a cousin of the founder, Torben Hartvigsen – assumed the role of CEO. Jesper had been part of Contrast since 2005, and in 2011 he became a co-owner of the company.

As Jesper shares Torben’s ambition for Contrast to stand out from the other companies in the industry, the change in management has not changed the original mindset. Jesper’s goal for Contrast Company is for the company to be the preferred business partner for those working with clothing, accessories and home textile products. He views being able to carry on with the original intent of the company in a family business as something precious. However, as CEO and co-owner, it is also important to choose a core focus area. Jesper has made it his priority to ensure that
Contrast is a great place to work and where results are created via a strong and value-driven company culture.

“I am passionate about creating a company where decency is the everyday mantra. There is no one that is above the culture or company, not even us co-owners. The most important factor in creating success in that way is for the employees to look forward to going to work every single day. Having
a job that is meaningful, where one takes ownership and where there is value in the initiatives that are implemented. When we hire new people, we would rather take ‘the second best’ candidate, if the best qualified one cannot contribute to our strong GEIST culture. In our everyday work, our
guiding principle is that all actions must always follow the ‘Let’s Win Together’ spirit and we must be aware of the fact that it is the entire value chain that is the reason for our success. We need to ensure that our customers find it as easy as possible to work with our orders, but we also need to
make sure they have good profit margins and succeed with what we deliver to them. We take a great deal of responsibility for our part of the partnership. We have a responsibility for ensuring that our suppliers also have a good and sound business. We need to help our suppliers develop
their business by improving their earnings, but also with the social responsibility they have for their
manufacturing units. It is about mutual respect and giving back to those who help create the company’ success.”

Jesper Hartvigsen
CEO and co-owner


Torben Hartvigsen founds Contrast Company A/S

In 1996, the founder and current co-owner of the company, Torben Hartvigsen, began thinking about a new entrepreneurial adventure. Contrast then came into being in 1996 as Torben Hartvigsen wanted to fulfil his ambition of creating a textile company that was not like all the rest.
Today, Contrast Company has a market-leading role in the design of licenced, non-licenced and private label textiles with a main focus on the following categories: apparel, accessories and home textile products.

“When deciding on the name ‘Contrast’, it was based on our desire to be a contrast to other companies in the same industry that were around at the time. We wanted to show that we could do something different. One of our main competitive advantages was focusing on quick deliveries.
Other companies at the time typically had a delivery period of six months. We were able to make quicker deliveries, and that was one way of standing out from the crowd.”

Torben Hartvigsen
Founder and co-owner

Let’s win together