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Your No. 1 Partner

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of all our business partners – through innovative and reliable solutions and long lasting partnerships. Therefore, we consistently provide a wide range of high quality products with unique designs at competitive prices and with customized services.

At Contrast we design, innovate and re-define the way brands are built and marketed.

We aim to be the preferred partner and top supplier of license, private label and non-license products on the European market.

We bring you a wide selection of the most popular brands. You will meet the most creative designers and skilled buyers working with the best and most reliable suppliers in the Far East and Europe. Our sales team aim to provide excellent service to Nordic and European retailers.

We focus on continuously developing unique products and designs in close cooperation with all of our customers.

Our head office and warehouse is located in dynamic and creative settings in Aarhus, Denmark.

Sourcing and QC office is situated in China.


We challenge conventional thinking when we design and develop products for customers throughout Europe.

By keeping a strong focus on creativity and innovation, we make sure that our customers are always one step ahead of the competition. Enabling them to go to market with top of the line products and designs.


We treasure long term relationships with both customers and partners.

We know that our success, reflects the success of our customers. Together we succeed.


Understanding the impact of positive thinking and pure enthusiasm has taken us far. We have based our business on dedication and entrepreneurship.

We will never stop celebrating true dedication.


Our focused and dedicated CSR efforts underlines that we do care.

Our CSR policy is the core of our daily operations, and we maintain this focus for the benefit of the world and for the benefit of our customers.

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